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12 Reasons to Drink Draft Beer

As Told By Some, Read By Many, And.... Hey, Pour me another, will ya?

Need to Get Out of The House? Here's 12 Reasons to Drink Draft Beer

You want to drink draft beer but are stuck home? Don't despair! Here are several great reasons to use to leave and Drink Draft Beer.  Any good spouse would appreciate these excuses to step out (and run to Sagos Tavern)

1) Drink draft beer to help you Celebrate
Need an excuse? Somewhere in the world, someone did something wonderful. Toast them now in anonymity!

2) You need to go and freshen up on a history lesson. Go back home with these:

  • Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" - quoted from Benjamin Franklin
  • George Washington opened the nation's largest distillery
  • Lincoln was a licensed bartender and opened his own tavern
  • Thomas Jefferson said, "Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes happiness".
  • John Hancock was an alcohol dealer
  • ...And Hitler... its said that he never touched alcohol... Says something, doesn't it???

3) You are having heart palpitations and are just running out for a quick vitamin shot
Beer has Vitamin B6 which prevents the build up of an amino acid (homocysteine) that has been linked to heart disease. So drink draft beer. Think of it this way, your self-diagnosis is saving your family money!

4) A Good Draft Beer Makes Your Girlfriend's Twerking look better
(No comment needed here)

5) You are suffering from insomnia
Getting a good night's sleep is important and 10% of adults find this difficult. Increase your energy level with a good nights rest by consuming a nice glass of draft beer at night. Enough beer has the effect of making one drowsy. "Enough" is up to your interpretation!

6) You're on a new diet plan and you need to get some supplies
12oz of beer has about 150 calories, no fat, no cholesterol, and no caffeine. Just tell her that you're substituting it for one 'Weight Watchers' diet meal!

7) You are out helping America keep jobs
With almost 2 million people directly or indirectly employed in the brewing industry, you are saving more jobs than Obama!

8) Your mother-in-law is at your house
Need I say more?

9) You consider your bartender a pharmacist with a limited inventory

10) Drinking Draft Beer removes unsightly fat and wrinkles
On the person you're looking at (When you drink enough)

11) You read about the evils of drinking, so you gave up reading!
Including reading this article! Go! Enough excuses, er.. reasons... Grab one of the fine draft beers from Sagos. With more beer on tap than any local Las Vegas Bar, Sagos Tavern gives you yet another excuse to go:

#12) Sagos Tavern has Great Drinks, Terrific Food, and Unmatched Gaming

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