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Hold Your Office Holiday Party in Las Vegas

Follow these 7 Easy Steps to a Successful Holiday Party

The Office Holiday Party

It's one of those events that can be dreaded or looked upon as a celebration. Either way, someone has to plan for it and is usually chosen without enough notice to do it properly. So, here's how to create a successful holiday office party in Las Vegas in 7 Easy Steps

1) Know Your Budget

Even before you begin to prepare your plans for your special event you'll need to know how much to spend. If you haven't been given the dollar amount for your party, now is the time to go ask your boss, Uncle Scrooge.

You'll either be given a total number or a certain dollar amount for every person expected to attend. Either way, it's up to you to determine how much to spend on invitations, banquet hall rental, equipment, food and beverages, entertainment, and cleanup

Don't forget the Hidden Liability Costs!

  • Hosting a party at work may not be covered by your Insurance
  • Serving alcohol at the workplace may have legal liability

Subtract the fixed costs (This is a where Sagos can LOWER your bill) and whatever is left is what you have for food, beverages, decorations, awards or recognitions and entertainment

2) Know Who Is Attending

After Work Party?
No Problem!
We have Discounts for your group!

Knowing how many are attending your event is extremely important. That will determine your overall cost, how much you can spend on each person, and even where you want to hold your holiday event.

Knowing who is attending your holiday party is equally as important. A few office coworkers may decide to hold their party in a conference room and have it catered. However, any end of the year celebration just wouldn't be proper without coworker's spouse, guest, and your most important customer or client. And (here's an important holiday party tip) don't forget to invite key corporate executives. Even if you don't expect them to show up!

3) Location, Location, Location

Who can relax and have fun in the same place you give your daily blood, sweat, and tears to? How exciting can it be, knowing that at the end of the day, you are going to be the one cleaning up the workplace?

Why not host your holiday office holiday party at Sagos? We have a party room that:

  • Fits up to 70 people
  • Great location located off the #215
  • Easy access in and out of the building
  • Holiday decorations already in place
  • Set up and cleanup done for you

And all at a low food/beverage package price

4) Food Fit For a King

What kind of food will you be serving? Will you and your coworkers be preparing it? Will it be a catered event?

Holding your office holiday party at Sagos eliminates individual employee costs and planning confusion. We can set up a custom buffet just for your party, or your group can order right off our menu.

Check out our buffet menu here       Look at our regular restaurant menu here

Long after the party, your guests will be talking about the food. Sagos is renown for the quality and flavor of their menu. And we are very flexible to accommodate your group needs!

5) Set Up Decorations, Equipment, Guest Speakers, Awards & Gifts

You have the place, you have the food, now you need to plan your main event.

You may enjoy Sagos decorated party room as is, or you may wish to supplement the decoration with company specific material.

What kind of equipment will you need? You may want to play a slideshow of company events or photos of employees near the beginning of your party. You may want to incorporate a PowerPoint presentation somewhere in the middle, and you may want to end the evening with a photo for an award or giant "thank you".

Play a slideshow and more by connecting your laptop directly into our 170 inch HD TV. Even the most casual of office parties will have that professional touch

6) Entertainment or Entertaining?

An office banquet can be entertaining simply by getting friends, family and customers together to enjoy the evening. But who wants to leave having a good time to chance?

Your party room is conveniently located next to games and gaming, our bar, and even a shuffleboard. We can play music or bring in a DJ.

Good food, tasty beverages, spin the wheel games and gaming, your presentations, music and even dancing, can turn your office party into a Las Vegas banquet event that your coworkers will talk about all year!

7) "Clean Up on Aisle Three"

You'll be amazed at all we offer at such a low price. Call us with the size of your office holiday party and see what we can do for you.

And when it's all over... everyone will go home happy.  Leave the clean-up to us!

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