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SAGOS Girls, Brains and Beauty

They serve your food, mix your drinks, provide the friendliest customer service while you win big and enjoy the Baja Tavern and Beach Lounge scenery in Las Vegas

Sagos Girl Heather at www,SagosTavern.com
Sagos Girl Heather in her Cover Shot at SagosTavern.com

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The SAGOS Girls get new tavern hats. Muoy tries one on and gets 1700 immediate facebook visits! Check out her hat and a few facebook comments.

SAGOS: What do you think of our new Sagos hats!

Jim Marshall What hat?

Robert Pierce LOL yeah, what hat?

Dan Hoffner Hat sorry I don't see one

Tim Tyus Still can't see the hat

Jay Miller hahaha I didn't see it either at first,,,,hehee

Michael Opie Adams Your wearing a hat?? Lol

Travis Rudder What hat? Oh there it is. Hat looks nice. Lol

Well, Muoy, thanks for showing off our hat. Wow, 1700 visits, our friends must really like our hats!

Muoy the SAGOS Girl in Las Vegas shows off the new hat. www.sagostavern.com

We could keep on writing about how great our SAGOS Girls are. But for now, just click on any picture and start the slideshow!

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